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The difference between hydraulic and electric operating table

June 26, 2023

    We all know that there are no more medical operating beds, but there is a hydraulic operating bed recently. What is the difference between the two?

   Electric operating table:

   1. According to different markets, there are different configurations, and the products are more popular. Consumers can choose the appropriate operating bed according to their own conditions.

  2. In terms of drive, the electric operating table uses a motor drive method.

  3. It is more convenient to operate, and the action is more flexible and reliable.

   4. Simple operation.

   5. Convenient maintenance.

  Hydraulic operating table:

   1. As far as the market is concerned, the hydraulic operating table faces a relatively high-end market, so it is mainly used in large and medium-sized hospitals, small clinics or hospitals, medical institutions, etc. Electric operating tables are recommended.

  2. In terms of drive, the hydraulic operating bed is driven by hydraulic pressure, including hydraulic motors, solenoid valves, hydraulic tubing, and so on.

  3. The hydraulic operating bed has a built-in battery, even if the power is accidentally cut off, the battery can be started in time, so that the operation can be guaranteed even when the power is cut off, and the noise is relatively small.

  4. The hydraulic operating table runs smoothly and has stable performance.

  5. The maintenance is simple, except that the hydraulic operating bed needs to be replaced every 2-3 years.

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